There is a warranty on the flexbounce fitness trampolines. We find it important to offer our customers a good quality fitness trampoline, long-lasting and made out of solid materials.

Our warranty options are:

  • Standard 2-year warranty on trampoline
  • Your purchase invoice is your proof
  • The warranty applies when purchased through our webshop or through one of our dealers
  • The warranty shall apply upon proper use in accordance with the supplied instructions
  • The warranty applies to original materials and components of the Flexbounce fitness trampoline
  • Any additional shipping costs are not included

What should you do?

Is there something wrong with your Flexbounce fitness trampoline, please contact our Customer Service by e-mail at info@flexbounce.com or by telephone on +31 (0)20 846 06 76.

We then discuss what happened. It helps us if besides your description of the incident you can also send a few pictures of the problem / damage. Often a problem will be resolved quickly with a few tips or we will decide to replace a part or to repair. Before we incur costs, we first make it clear if it is under warranty or not.