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Getting started with Flexbounce

Congratulations! You just decided to choose a healthy lifestyle and have purchased the Flexbounce fitness trampoline. But what comes next? There are a few things to keep in mind, not in the least the choice of the correct elastics for your trampoline. The elasticity of the elastic springs is of the utmost importance during trampoline jumping. Why? Because these are what make sure that your knees, joints and back aren’t taxed too heavily. Therefore, you should always opt for the elastics that best suit your weight class and jumping ability. With the right equipment, the Flexbounce is the ideal way to spend every day working out in a healthy and safe manner.

Choosing the correct elastics

Do several people use the trampoline? Always base the choice of the exact elastics on the weight of the heaviest user. If the person that weighs the least uses the trampoline most of the time, you could consider purchasing separate elastics for this person. Just keep in mind that, if these elastics are installed, heavier users should place their feet just a little wider apart while jumping. Are you planning on using the trampoline mainly for cardio exercises and other intensive workouts? Then it is wise to purchase an elastic strength slightly above your own weight class.

Another option is purchasing a combination of elastics suitable for different weight classes and subsequently switching them out accordingly. Just about all elastics are available in several colours. It is very easy to indicate your choice of elastics and the color in the notation field when ordering the Flexbounce. Having doubts? We are more than happy to help you with your choice. Contact us at or by telephone +44 20 3808 7006.

Even though the elastics are manufactured from high quality and natural materials, they will wear over time and lose some of their elasticity. The wear depends, amongst other things, on the intensity of the jumps, the frequency and the duration of the exercises on the trampoline. As a general rule elastics will last for about two years. Do you want to replace a set of elastics? Or do you simply need another set of elastics? Click on the following link to place your order.

Format of the trampoline

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In general, the larger the size of the trampoline the more fun the jumping will be. Courtesy of the larger surface you’ll have a greater variety of exercises available to you. Tired from your workout and have a mind set on relaxing? The Flexbounce is ideally suited for relaxation exercises.
Obviously, your use of the Flexbounce will also depend greatly on your choice of location for the Flexbounce. We recommend placing the Flexbounce at a fixed location to maximise your use of the device. However, if you lack sufficient space, or if you would just like to take the trampoline with you on your travels or to the park, it could be wise to opt for a smaller size of trampoline.