Jump for joy – advantages of the Flexbounce

Did you know that trampoline jumping is twice as effective as running? The rate of oxygen use while trampoline jumping is about twice as efficient as it is while running. In addition, the G-forces measured on the ankles, lower back and forehead amount to significantly less.

To ensure that you haven’t overlooked any of the numerous benefits from using the Flexbounce fitness trampoline we’ve summed them up for you:

  • The Flexbounce fitness trampoline is suitable for young and old. The unique and advanced suspension system with elastics (the famous bungee cord) can easily be adjusted to any body type and weight. The Flexbounce comes standard equipped, in order to ensure the safety of the children, with an additional protective cover. For adults who are having trouble keeping balance: the spring support will provide additional balance.
  • Trampoline jumping activates your metabolism, while also promoting a high level of fat burning. It is a varied way of burning energy with visible and proven quick results.
  • Trampoline jumping is a great antidepressant and aids with concentration problems.
  • Trampoline jumping strengthens the back and abdominal muscles.
  • Compared to a normal trampoline the Flexbounce is less taxing for your back, knees and joints. This is possible thanks to the use of a special suspension system with elastic springs.
  • Apart from being beneficial for your general health, trampoline jumping is just a fun sport, hobby and activity to perform with the children.
  • A trampoline is suitable for training at all levels. Even if it only walking or jogging.
  • When purchasing the Flexbounce fitness trampoline you automatically get a 2 year warranty on the frame, the mat and the rubber retractable legs. Additionally you also obtain a 6 month warranty on the elastic springs (non-commercial use).
  • The trampoline can be used both indoors and outdoors. Moreover the Flexbounce is easy to store because of the retractable legs.
  • Enjoy a secure online payment with PayPal, Mister Cash
  • Starting at 75 GBP shipping is free of charge.

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Happy & healthy

Trampoline jumping is directly related to the immune and lymphatic system. When jumping your body experiences a slight moment of weightlessness. This causes all the valves of the lymphatic system to open, which allows all liquids to flow on. Rest assured, you don’t have to break any world records to experience this effect. The feeling of weightlessness can already be achieved by slightly bouncing around tiptoed.

The trampoline jumping itself then stimulates the body cells to expel waste and toxins. Which toxins? Think of cancer cells, trapped proteins, bacteria, viruses and other foreign substances in our bodies. Subsequently endorphins are released into our body just as is the case with running. Unlike running however, the impact on your joints will be much less severe. Considering that endorphins are the chemicals par excellence to feel more positive and happier, we consider that a win-win situation.